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Can Horsepower Virus Really Stomach Malignancy? It is a question that remains being contested in the world as it will open a new future in the management of gastric cancer, the second leading cause of cancer death. Most for patients, after lung cancers.

viem loet da day ta trangHp bacteria improve the risk of stomach cancer by 6 times

Since the discovery of two Aussie scientists, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, about the Hp virus (Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori), most physicians in the world agree that vi khuan hp is weak. The most important element in the disease of peptic ulcer gastritis, long-term gastritis duodenum. For abdomen cancer, the solution is more mindful. However, the earth Wellness Organization has classified Hewlett packard bacteria as the principal agent of gastric cancer. This kind of shows that there is a clear link between Hp and gastric cancers. Although, to acquire to stomach cancer, Hp is not the only factor.

Epidemiological studies on a global scale with people with Hp infections found it increased the risk of stomach cancer. Within just a meta-analysis of doze other studies of Horsepower and gastric cancer, experts found that folks infected with the Hp virus were 6 times more likely to have stomach cancers than people with Horsepower. Not infected with Hewlett packard. Another study in Chinese suppliers took place over 12 years in groups of patients treated with Horsepower and untreated patients reported that patients treated with Hp had a forty percent reduction in risk. Malignancy in subsequent years.

Hewlett packard bacteria alter the GENETICS of the stomach coating cells before they develop into cancer

In 2014, a group of A language like german scientists announced the finding of the causal relationship between Hp and gastric cancers. Based on the scientists, Hp bacterias living on the belly lining secretes the harmful toxins that alter the GENETICS of the gastric mucosa, which eventually causes digestive, gastrointestinal atrophy, gastrointestinal tract, Dysplasia and stomach cancer. This kind of is the latest data on the opportunity of creating Hp bacterial intestinal, digestive, gastrointestinal cancer.

Since 2013, Land der aufgehenden sonne (umgangssprachlich) has adopted the program "Finding and Removing" man Hp, which is part of the program to control stomach cancer, the most frequent cancer disease in The japanese. Every year, Japanese people are screened for colonoscopy to discover Hp illness, early cancer status. If perhaps detecting Hp bacteria in the stomach, or indicators of stomach cancer early on will be treated immediately.

The Japanese Ministry of Health has also motivated people to use foods containing specific anti-Hp antibodies, called OvalgenHP, by the Gifu Immunology Research Start to take out Hp from the community. Dong. This antibody, in 2015, has also been used in Vietnam for the combo treatment and prevention of Hewlett packard infection.

Does Hp Disease Really Stimulate Gastric Malignancy?

Antibodies to egg yolk help change the battlefield in slowing Hp

In Vietnam, anti-bacterial antibodies Hewlett packard, OvalgenHP have been strongly suggested and tested in the country during the treatment of gastritis caused by Hp bacteria. This is an impressive step in treating Hp eradication due to actuality in the past few years, the status of Hp drug resistance is increasing rapidly, the efficiency for eradication of Hewlett packard with the regimens Generally only about 50%. In addition, the speed of children infected with Hp is increasing sharply that choose antibiotic treatment for youngsters in difficulty. One of the consequences of this condition is that Hp is not eradicated, the interest rate of stomach cancer in Vietnam has increased rapidly lately.

Similar to those patients with Hp who do not receive treatment for several days, children also need the best blend of regimens in the first treatment. The utilization of standard antibiotic regimens along with OvalgenHP as soon as treatment with Hp is a viable, highly safe option reduces the risk of treatment failure, reduces the burden of Hp medicine resistance, and infects Horsepower. In the community.
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